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Well here she is - say hello to our newest addition to the family - Cleopatra.  She weighs 2.4 pounds and hails from North Carolina. The pictures aren't too good because she was so busy running around I could get them any better at the time, but she is dark coal black with tan markings.  She's going to a wonderful dog and isn't giving us any problems at all.  Well, perhaps waking Judy up at 4:45 in the morning to go outside for her business might be considered trouble, but I think it just points to the extremely high intelligence of this little poodle. Anyway a couple of pictures follow:

She actually stopped for a minute, but I didn't have the flash turned on. This is from her first day with us.

She did a lot of floor sniffing while checking everything out. I am assuming it is all okay because she wags her little tail constantly.

Her she is with Brittany and Judith in the kitchen. Notice that she is somewhat smaller than Brittany.

Guess who thinks she's queen of the world already. Just been here five days and has taken over everything.

After her first haircut we found out that she was really a member of "Kiss"

Cleopatra in her usual sleep mode. For some reason she loves satin pillows and sleeping on her back.

Cleo taken 2-16-05 just to get something new on the page.

Cleo with most of her white marking showing - bow on chest, ribbons in ears, eyebrows and boots.

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