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Some of the things that interest Judy and I and take up our time. Clicking on the title will take you to the corresponding pages.


  • Family - Married for fifty-three years, four grown children and 8  grandchildren, along with  three sisters and  two brothers and their families make up our immediate family. We'll have some biography and lots of pictures here to help you see who we are.
  • Genealogy - Always searching for the past and  looking for my Giddens, Asberry, Pybas, Hardin roots plus all those other lines too. Most of these will be documents in PDF format or pages created by Legacy, the genealogy program I use. You are free to download and print any you might want.
  • AudioComp Electronics, Inc. is the company  my oldest son, my wife and I owned which specialized in car stereo equipment. Unfortunately economic conditions forced us to close in December 2004 and Roy just sort of retired.
  • Military Service -memories of Roy's US Air Force service during the 50's and 60's. Something I've just started delving into and I'm having a ball with it.
  • School Days - All those school years and some remembrances of them too.
  • Cocoa - a small tribute to our wonderful little brown poodle who passed from our lives in August 2001.
  • COPD - here's some information obout my life with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), the result of twenty-five years of cigarette smoking. Also includes info on my participation in a clinical trial of Tiotroprium - a new wonder bronchodilator drug which is sold as Spiriva.
  • Judy's Afghans - Judy has been knitting and crocheting afghans for years and this give you a sample of her work.

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