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You may have visited my little page remembering Cocoa but that has gotten me into trouble.  Sugar found out about it and wants to know why she doesn't have a page too.  In case you might be wondering, Sugar is "My Sugar Lauren Bacall" my thirteen year old miniature poodle.  She is the last completely unspoiled pet poodle in existence, completely disciplined, dainty and loving. She loves for me to lie on the floor and play with her in the evenings even at her age. She's a real pleasure to know and if you ever meet her you'll fall in love with her too.

Way back in the early 1990's Sugar begged us to find her a husband and after much searching we found a sweet white poodle who she quickly trained to be a father.  She bore five little ones - three girls and two boys who were the sweetest little things you ever saw.  We were able to place all the children in loving adoptive homes and meanwhile Sugar regained her youthful figure and attitude.

Rest in Peace - My Sugar Lauren Bacall

Good Friday, April 18, 2003:  My wonderful, sweet pet was put to sleep this morning rather than let her suffer through a basically untreatable immune system breakdown which was destroying all her red blood cells.  There are decisions in this life which hurt, but I think this one has hurt more than any other I've ever had to make. I will miss the dear little dog so very much and I dread going home this evening and not having her jump up to greet me. I loved her so and now she is gone from my presence but remains in my heart. Rest in peace my little one.

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