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On Saturday morning, August 4, 2001 Judy had the appalling task of having our sixteen year old poodle, Cocoa,  put to sleep. His kidneys had been failing for some months, but in that eternal dog loyalty mode he just kept on trucking.  We are grief stricken at the loss and I'm sure there are more tears to be shed over this small brown poodle as the days go by and we find reminders of him everywhere.  Those who have lost pets understand, those who haven't never will, but there is a little empty place in our hearts for a precious little dog who for sixteen years has lived in Judy's lap whenever she sat down.

Cocoa John was born on Valentine's day, February 14th, 1985 to Puddles (our son's mother-in-laws poodle) and his father was Poppy John Pete our own black poodle. Cocoa got his name because he was just exactly the dark brown color of cocoa and though he lightened up over the years he always was brown. He joined out household at six weeks and became part of our family immediately.  He was a great mouser, loved to bark at noises and was about the smartest, most gentle dog a person could ask for or expect.  He was our friend and companion, and we miss him so very much. The lovely wooden box with his ashes rests on our mantle with his collar and tag on top of it as a constant reminder.

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