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The favorite part of my whole web site, now I get to show off my beloved wife and wonderful kids and grandkids.

It's been nearly fifty years since Judith Moore said she would be my wedded wife and we still are still in love after all these years.  So much in love that we actually get along most of the time, even with when were working together at AudioComp for twenty something years.

Judith Ann Moore just about
the time we got married in 1959 

Judith Moore.jpg (159431 bytes)


Judy Oct 99.jpg (60417 bytes)

 Judith forty years later.
 How lucky can a guy be?

We met for the first time when I came home on leave from Libya in the spring of 1958. I had managed to get home for my baby sister Ruthe's graduation from high school, and Judy was a schoolmate of hers.  Judy says she saw me and decided I was what she wanted when she met me on their Senior trip to Whitney Dam about 30 miles south of town. I decided she was the one I wanted when she sang "
Somewhere Over the Rainbow" at the graduation exercises.  Since my best friend wanted a date with Judy's best friend I used that as an excuse to invite Judy on a date, if her friend would go with Charles. It was a deal and that is the beginning of a lifelong friendship and love. Before my leave was over we knew were deeply in love and I had given her my SAE fraternity pin as a sign of my love. Without even talking about it we both knew we would be married when I came back to the states the following year.  So our romance was carried on with the help of the postal service. A date was selected and all we had to do was wait for my return to the US in July 1959.

We were married by the Rev. Leon McBeth in the First Baptist Church of Rio Vista, TX on the evening of August 8th, 1959. A reception for friends and family was held at the First Methodist Church.  Our honeymoon was spent in Dallas with my Grandmother's house as the stopping place (saved lots of money for a poor Airman Second Class). In early September we departed Texas for our first duty station in Montana only to find out that my orders had been changed in the meantime and we were supposed to be in Minnesota. It was a long and wonderful trip, in effect extending the honeymoon and giving us a chance to see Yellowstone National Park.  

We arrived in Wadena. Minnesota in late September of 1959 and took up residence in a duplex on South 2nd Street.  Our first Christmas was spent with a tiny little Christmas tree given to us by our landlord's secretary. We just had enough money to by one little string of lights and one package of very small ornaments. When the packages from home finally arrived it was Christmas indeed, especially since we had each other.  Shortly thereafter Judy started getting sick and nauseated, especially in the mornings.  Of course we found out that she was pregnant after a first visit with Dr. Witter.  My goodness were we naive!

Our first son, Douglas Wayne was born in the early evening of May 24, 1960 at Wadena General Hospital after a long day of induced labor. I was totally overwhelmed by the whole thing and the nurse who found me crying in the visitors room was quite concerned, but I assured her that they were tears of absolute joy that Judy was fine and we had our firstborn son - healthy and well.

We were transferred to Kalispell, Montana in January of 1961, were there about two or three months before being sent to Keesler AFB in Mississippi for advanced training.  We returned to Kalispell late that fall and took up residence in a log cabin overlooking Flathead Lake and the Rockie Mountains.  We heated with a wood stove but everything else was relatively modern.  On May 21, 1962 our daughter Kathleen Cecile was born at Kalispell General Hospital.   She was followed by our second son David Michael on July 3, 1963. 

We left the Air Force in September 1964. I went to work for a printing company in Kalispell, Thomas Brothers Printing, which didn't work out and in 1966 we returned to Texas, flat broke. I got a job at Texas Instruments in Dallas and we moved to Plano, TX.  Later we moved to an apartment complex in Dallas where Judy and the kids remained until 1970.  I had been in New Hampshire for about nine months working at Gilbert Color Systems in Hudson NH and the company decided to move the family up there for me. We made the trip in a Hertz truck and our El Camino.  Quite a trip with three young kids and a dog.

We stayed in Londonderry NH until 1976 when we again, just picked up what we had and moved back to Texas.  While I was working at the nuclear power plant in Glen Rose, Judy got pregnant again and shortly thereafter I took a job with Marti Electronics, Inc., in Cleburne.  Our youngest son Mark Zambry was born on October 7, 1978. 

In 1981, my oldest son Douglas and I decided to start an electronics repair business out of our house and we incorporated AudioComp Electronics, Inc., on September 16, 1981.  We repaired stereo equipment for about a year and a half before deciding to expand into car stereo sales.  We opened the door to our retail store, which had been created out of Doug's bedroom, in May of 1983. Our success saw us move into an old gas station next door to the house in 1985 and then into our present quarters in 1991.

Judy & Roy's 40th Anniversary.jpg (82161 bytes)
Here we were on our 50th, and now we've celebrated our 54th Anniversary in 2013

In December 2004, Doug and I decided that we could no longer make AudioComp Electronics, Inc. continue in business. The pressures of the big box retailers, the internet sales phenomenon and too high an overhead all contributed to our decision to close down the retail store. So a week before Christmas we closed the doors. Needless to say it was a heart wrenching decision, but one I had suspected was coming for the past several years. Basically 9/11 changed the landscape so much for specialty small retailers that we just no longer fit in the scheme of things. I'll miss the daily routine, all the great customers and working with my son, but life goes on and I have moved what little remains of the company to a home office and will go on from there.


After a very boring summer, a friend of mine asked Judy if she would like a part-time job in the County Treasurer's Office. Judy said "no way" so I jumped into the fray and said I would love to do something like that. So on October 25, 2005 after our last cruise, I started working as Assistance Deputy Treasurer of Johnson County. The title is far more imposing than the job, for I really just do clerk type work. My expertise with eXcel and Word however, cam into play and have proven invaluable over the years. I'm still going to work four days a week as a part timer and love doing it. I don't ever want to totally retire again if I can help it.


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